The 2017 Ford Explorer in El Paso, TX: A Versatile SUV You Can Depend On

The 2017 Ford Explorer in El Paso, TX is changing the way drivers get to their destinations, whether it is for business or leisure. Featuring smart technology, this SUV is ready for whatever may come your way on the road. Ample storage options, plenty of interior space, and a safe design all move you in ways you never thought were possible.

The 2017 Ford Explorer in El Paso, TX: Practical Technology

Ford gives you a well-rounded vehicle in the 2017 Ford Explorer in El Paso, TX, with plenty of tech features to get you through even the harshest of environments. See all angles with the front 180-degree camera, a feature that makes backing a straightforward process. You’ll get to peek around corners with a free range.

Getting in the back while your hands are full never has to be a hassle anymore, since this SUV has a hands-free liftgate. Simply swipe your feet near the bumper and watch the door pop right open. If you are looking for a parking spot, activate the Active Park Assist. It essentially parks your car for you, as long as your feet are on the brakes and gas pedal.

As for on-the-road entertainment, you can freely multitask thanks to the modern SYNC 3. Featuring a completely voice-automated design, this system heeds your commands. When your hands want to do the work manually, however, you can use the vibrant touchscreen at the front. Getting directions or adjusting your settings has never been more convenient.

Versatile and Capable of More

The 2017 Ford Explorer in El Paso, TX never stops excelling. Just when you thought this SUV couldn’t get any better, it surpasses expectations. No road can be too much of a challenge thanks to the terrain management system, featuring Intelligent AWD. The different settings give you ways to tackle tough trails, including mud, sand, and snow. Hill Descent Control has also been incorporated into this modern SUV, so you can effortlessly maintain a constant speed even when traveling downhill.

You have plenty of space to work with when you drive the 2017 Ford Explorer, 43.8 cubic feet to be exact. The third-row seats fold down completely, in case you are traveling with larger items and luggage. Best of all, you can move the seats with the push of a button. Featuring a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds, this modern SUV can pretty much do it all.

Experience this Ford in El Paso, TX today to see how reliable it handles diverse trails and roads. Anything is possible in the 2017 Ford Explorer, a vehicle that carries the Ford name with pride.


2017 Ford Explorer in El Paso, TX,

2017 Ford Explorer in El Paso, TX,

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