Ready to get behind the wheel of your next vehicle? With Viva Auto Direct we make it as simple as PICK, CLICK & DRIVE. Thanks to Viva Auto Direct, your smart phone just became a showroom. The more of the buying process you do from your phone or desktop, the less amount of time you spend at the dealership. Depending on how many steps you complete online, you could spend as little as an hour in our showroom before you drive away in your new vehicle. Auto shoppers can select their next vehicle, whether new or pre-owned, from the comfort of their couch, desk, or kitchen table! Purchasing a vehicle online has never been easier or more convenient! Viva Auto Direct also allows you to get all your service needs done from the comfort and ease of your phone.


Viva Auto Direct makes it easy to find your Car, Truck or SUV or quality pre-owned vehicle online. We understand that time is your most valuable asset and thanks to Viva Auto Direct you can save time spent at the dealership by filling out all the paperwork online. Viva Auto direct also allows you to save time by scheduling your next service appointment online and even allows you to have your vehicle picked up for and dropped off after service is complete.


Viva Auto Group shoppers can use our Viva Auto Direct tool to:

The Viva Auto Group values your time and your business so we mean it when we say just PICK, CLICK & DRIVE and spend as little as an hour in our showroom.

  • Value your trade
  • Customize your payments
  • Get pre-approved for Financing
  • Schedule your test drive
  • Schedule your vehicles Service appointments
  • Have your vehicle picked up for and delivered after service is complete.


Here are a few of the things that set Viva Auto Direct apart from the competition.

  • Viva Auto Direct helps value your trade online. We partner with Kelly Blue Book, the authority in used car pricing, so that you don't have to guess the value of your trade-in.
  • Viva Auto Direct allows you to customize your payments. You can use our Payment tool to calculate your ideal payment to determine your down payment and how these are influenced by your credit score.
  • Viva Auto Direct gets you pre-approved online. The dreaded wait to see if you qualify for a loan while waiting in the showroom is a thing of the past with our easy Pre Approval process.
  • Less time at the dealership. Complete as much of the process online as you'd like and feel free to finish the process in-store. We will pick up where you left off when you visit us for your test drive. Feel like completing 100% online? We can deliver your new vehicle to your driveway.* Feel like using the Viva Auto Direct tool to complete your pre approval and payment options but want your trade in appraised in person? We can do that too! The Viva Auto Direct tool is built to make your buying process, quicker and more convenient. Long gone are the days of spending 4-5 hours at the dealership. Now you can just PICK, CLICK & DRIVE.
  • All of your Service needs can be met from the comfort of your home or office. Simply schedule your service appointment, schedule pick-up and delivery, and the Viva Auto Group will make it so that your vehicle is picked up, brought into our service department for any necessary work, and delivered back to you all while you never leave the comfort of your home.
  • If you have questions, the Viva Auto Group team is available for you! Simply, Call, Hit the "Ask Us Anything" or the "Text" button - we're here for you!

Buy Now or Schedule Your Next Service with Viva Auto Direct

If you're ready to purchase or lease your next vehicle, start the Viva Auto Direct process by clicking the "next steps" button on the vehicle you're shopping for! If you get stuck in the process feel free to give us a call and we will help guide you. With Viva Auto Direct, we make it easy to find your VivaStyle!