Ford Brand Is Honored As A Trusted Brand For All

The American car brand Ford continues to grow as one of the most trusted brands. Ford offers a variety of different types of cars including sports cars, SUVs, compact cars, and sedans for all different lifestyles.

Ford has one of the best trucks in its class, the Ford F-150. This pickup truck has won so many awards year and year and continues to be one of the most valuable trucks on the market. The stainless steel frame makes drivers feel that much safer. The F-150 can hold up to 1,600 LBS and still get 29 mpg. It has the highest fuel economy on the market.

The Ford Fusion is a powerful, eco-friendly sedan. Those are two words you don't usually hear in the same sentence. The Fusion is safe, reliable, and filled with many technological features such as porthole detection, pedestrian detection, and blind spot assistance. Ford's affordable price tag and technology features can help the brand win more awards. Stop by Viva Ford today to view our Ford inventory.

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